Adam Wilson

Texas Native, Hunter, U.S. Army Sniper, Instructor, and Father

An avid outdoorsman, hunter, experienced firearms instructor and U.S. Army combat veteran Adam Wilson is Ashbury’s Marksmanship Activities Coordinator.  A Texas native, Adam grew up listening to stories of legendary outdoorsmen and scouts like Jim Bridger and Daniel Boone.  These early experiences ingrained him with a love for the outdoors and an appreciation for hunting.  Today, Adam looks forward to teaching his newly minted son a love for the outdoors, rifle marksmanship and hunting as a way of life.

Adam is a proud U.S. Army combat veteran with eighteen years of military service to the United States of America.  During his service with the Army, he served as a Cavalry Scout, Assault Team Leader, and Sniper.  Adam has three deployments to Iraq during which he participated in combat operations throughout Baghdad, Sadr City, Mosul, and Tal’Afar as an Army Sniper.Adam is a B4 designated graduate of the U.S. Army Sniper School in Ft. Benning Georgia, and the Sniper Employment Leaders Course, along with the Short Range Marksmanship, and Small Arms Master Gunner Courses.  He is also a graduate of the Army Marksmanship Unit Squad Designated Marksman and Rifle Marksmanship Instructor Courses.Prior to leaving active duty in 2013 he was assigned as a Brigade level Small Arms Master Gunner and oversaw advanced marksmanship training for three Infantry Battalions along with the training and employment for all Snipers assigned throughout his unit.

In 2011 Adam founded 1MOA Solutions in order to utilize his marksmanship skills and abilities as a instructor to assist civilians, law enforcement and military personnel with developing their individual shooting skills.  In 2015 he worked at the NRA’s Whittington Center as a contract firearms instructor teaching extreme long range rifle marksmanship at the Raton New Mexico facility.

Adam is in the process of retiring from the U.S. Armed forces and is currently assigned as a Sergeant First Class and Senior Instructor at the Texas Army National Guard Regional Training Institute (RTI) where he is responsible for conducting Small Arms Master Gunner, Short Range Marksmanship, Squad Designated Marksmanship training courses.Passionate about teaching marksmanship, Adam is an NRA certified Pistol and Rifle Instructor, member of the Ashbury Precision Ordnance Precision Rifle Team and active competitive shooter. He regularly contributes to a variety of social media channels and podcasts to further educate and inform shooters of all skill levels.