Recently Alexandra I Wilson & I were discussing how society defines “success”. It’s easy to get caught up in the illusion of social media. Look on IG & you’ll see plenty of people talking about how they “hustle” or posting pictures of cash, cars & BS. At some point you may go “What am I doing wrong? Why don’t I have that?” I’ve done it. Here’s the reality though…

Are you better off today than you were yesterday? Yes? Then keep doing what you’re doing. No? Then change. Change your job, your perception or whatever it takes to get to better off each day. I spent a large part of my childhood in a trailer park living like poor white trash. Joining the Army gave me a way to change my circumstances. I was survived multiple combat tours in Iraq. I was promoted to SFC and I graduated the Army Sniper School. I can be proud of those accomplishments. During my career I learned a skill & traveled the world…or at least to a couple shit hole countries. I don’t think my parents ever left the U.S. Today I’m better off than I ever expected when I was a kid & I’ve accomplished more than anyone expected.

I’ll never post pics of Rolex watches or brag about how “hard I ball”. That’s not me. I’ll tell you I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to earn a living doing what I love. My family has a roof over their head & I’m not worried about getting evicted or having the power shut off. Those are 3 things my parents couldn’t say when I was a child. Most days I can come home to my wife & Gunnar, we spend the weekends together unless one of us has a class & Sunday’s we try to head to church. My son will never live in a trailer park. I call that success compared to where I started life.

As a young Sniper I was tired of never getting support from my unit when it came to training. So I bought a M40 clone & trained on my own. Today I’m sponsored by guys like Ashbury Precision Ordnance or American Defense MFG & I represent their products as a subject matter expert. I sacrificed to change my circumstances & today I’m better than yesterday. Am I rich? No. Am I famous? Far from it. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t succeed. Sometimes I need a gentle reminder from friends that success comes in many forms.

Next time you feel like you’re failing, stop comparing your life to other people’s BS. Ask yourself are you better off today than yesterday. If you’re not, stop doubting yourself & start doing something to change.


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Adam Wilson

Adam Wilson is a U.S. Army Sniper and senior NCO with multiple combat deployments, a background in reconnaissance and small unit operations. During his 18 years of military service he has held every MTOE slot in a Sniper section to include an assignment as the SEO/Sniper Section Leader for a forward deployed Infantry Battalion. He has utilized all currently issued U.S. Army Sniper weapons systems including the XM2010, M110 SASS, and M107. In addition to being a qualified Sniper he is a graduate of the Sniper Employment Leaders Course and the Army Marksmanship Unit’s Squad Designated Marksman and Rifle Instructor courses. Outside of the military he has obtained the NRA Pistol and Rifle Instructor certifications and served as a product consultant for several defense and firearms industry companies.

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