Instructor Demos: Some do and some don’t. I’ve always preferred to demonstrate the techniques I teach. It’s how I was brought up as a young NCO in the Army and I feel it’s the most effective way to show students what I want them to accomplish. It’s also “free reps” for me to practice the fundamentals or specific techniques that I may have missed in my last practice session.

As a instructor I’m never above the fundamentals and it’s just as important for me as anyone else… possibly more so since I want to avoid mistakes while teaching. Will they happen? Of course! I’ve missed, flinched and forgot to check the dope on my gun before and I used it as a teachable moment. No one is perfect, despite what their YouTube or IG videos may lead you to believe.

I hope students coming to my classes aren’t there to watch me shoot, instead they’re there so I can help THEM shoot better. But it’s still important to show them I use the same techniques and how they enable me to perform better each day.

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Adam Wilson

Adam Wilson is a U.S. Army Sniper and senior NCO with multiple combat deployments, a background in reconnaissance and small unit operations. During his 18 years of military service he has held every MTOE slot in a Sniper section to include an assignment as the SEO/Sniper Section Leader for a forward deployed Infantry Battalion. He has utilized all currently issued U.S. Army Sniper weapons systems including the XM2010, M110 SASS, and M107. In addition to being a qualified Sniper he is a graduate of the Sniper Employment Leaders Course and the Army Marksmanship Unit’s Squad Designated Marksman and Rifle Instructor courses. Outside of the military he has obtained the NRA Pistol and Rifle Instructor certifications and served as a product consultant for several defense and firearms industry companies.

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