If you’re a combat Veteran do yourself a favor and go buy this book. I recently picked up a 25th Anniversary copy of David Drake’s “Redliners” after seeing Larry Correia recommend it. If you’re not familiar with Larry he’s the author of The Monster Hunter series, a award winning author and known as “The international lord of hate”. If he says it’s worth a read it’s usually a safe bet.

Redliners is “A story of Soldiers and civilians, of what it costs the men and women who serve, of hope and – possibly-of redemption”. The author is a Vietnam Veteran who served with the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment (Blackhorse) which operated in Cambodia and cleared the Bien Hoa Airbase during the Tet offensive. To say he saw some shit is probably a understatement.

Reading the introduction I quickly realized the author struggled with PTSD and anger towards the politicians who hamstrung the war. Within the first few chapters one of the characters discusses why he chooses to be the point man and anyone who ran point or the number one man in a stack will immediately appreciate the characters point of view… because it’s how we all felt in that position.

David Drake ends the introduction by saying “I don’t care about leaders any more than they cared about me and the other grunts in Viet Nam. The folks I care about are the ones who’ve been through bad places. Redliners showed me that there really could be hope for us. Don’t loose hope, people. At least we can believe in ourselves and the hundreds of thousands who’ve come back from those places with us.”

I picked my copy up at a local Barnes & Nobles bookstore but I suspect you can buy it off amazon or order it through any big bookstore.


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Adam Wilson

Adam Wilson is a U.S. Army Sniper and senior NCO with multiple combat deployments, a background in reconnaissance and small unit operations. During his 18 years of military service he has held every MTOE slot in a Sniper section to include an assignment as the SEO/Sniper Section Leader for a forward deployed Infantry Battalion. He has utilized all currently issued U.S. Army Sniper weapons systems including the XM2010, M110 SASS, and M107. In addition to being a qualified Sniper he is a graduate of the Sniper Employment Leaders Course and the Army Marksmanship Unit’s Squad Designated Marksman and Rifle Instructor courses. Outside of the military he has obtained the NRA Pistol and Rifle Instructor certifications and served as a product consultant for several defense and firearms industry companies.

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