I spent yesterday teaching a defensive pistol course at the Fire 4 Effect Weapon Systems, LLC range to a local LEO who’s training for a upcoming selection. I had a great time and he made some huge improvements in a short time but there were some specific takeaways I really enjoyed.

1. When a student shows up and says they’ve already trained with Pat from TMACS INC and Rob Leatham it’s a bit intimidating. That’s a tough act to follow. Seeing a positive AAR from the student at the end of the day was awesome.

2. We’re not reinventing the wheel when it comes to teaching how to fight with a gun. Everything I teach I learned from greater men than me. They learned it from gunfighters who came before them. You can change the name and use fancy buzzwords all you want but that doesn’t make it new or innovative. Just makes you look silly. Give credit where credit is due and stick to what works.

3. I wouldn’t be able to do what I do if it wasn’t for the people who have trained, mentored and supported me. That quickly becomes evident when you run out of staples and have to call the wife for a resupply mission that turns into a impromptu family hangout on the range. Or when a old friend and mentor joins the class for lunch and the group compares notes on training techniques. Surround yourself with people who will bring you up and you will succeed.

When you get to spend your day doing what you love and training the good guys, life is good! Hope everyone is having a great weekend.


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Adam Wilson

Adam Wilson is a U.S. Army Sniper and senior NCO with multiple combat deployments, a background in reconnaissance and small unit operations. During his 18 years of military service he has held every MTOE slot in a Sniper section to include an assignment as the SEO/Sniper Section Leader for a forward deployed Infantry Battalion. He has utilized all currently issued U.S. Army Sniper weapons systems including the XM2010, M110 SASS, and M107. In addition to being a qualified Sniper he is a graduate of the Sniper Employment Leaders Course and the Army Marksmanship Unit’s Squad Designated Marksman and Rifle Instructor courses. Outside of the military he has obtained the NRA Pistol and Rifle Instructor certifications and served as a product consultant for several defense and firearms industry companies.

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