If you’ve never seen Vizual Candi’s “Ricky” character in the “Your Other Guns” or “The Future of Tactical Training”  YouTube videos you’re missing out and I’d suggest addressing that issue most riki tik! Ricky the Redneck defies everything we’ve come to expect from Operators, Tactical Athletes  and Beauticians.  You will find yourself amazed by his flawless execution of advanced marksmanship techniques. In fact you may want to cry after seeing the man work. He’s just that ….dynamic.

In all seriousness “Ricky” happens to be a great guy and someone I’m proud to call a friend. During one of my deployments a member of my Sniper team started talking to Jeff aka “Ricky” the man behind Vizual Candi. Jeff was curious about day to day life in the Army while we were deployed, what challenges we faced as Snipers, and how he could help to support the troops. During that time one of the major problems we were facing was toxic leadership brought on by a platoon sergeant who refused to go outside the wire or support his Soldiers. When you’re dealing with all the typical combat deployment problems (indirect fire courtesy of your local neighborhood insurgents, improvised explosive devices outside of the main gate, and random pissed off Iraqi’s) the last thing you want to deal with is poor leadership and a chain of command that doesn’t support you. Jeff and one of my Soldiers hatched a plan to provide some humor in an attempt to increase morale…or at least keep some of us from going toe to toe with the platoon sergeant on a daily basis.

I’ve always been thankful for the support I’ve received while deployed but I’ll be honest, Jeff’s contribution was a little different and quite possibly my all time favorite. Instead of sending a care package full of beef jerky, playing cards, Ramen noodles, and somewhat questionable mouth wash he made a YouTube video depicting life as a Sniper from Ricky’s point of view.  I don’t think any of us were prepared for “One Shot, One Kill!”

Watching the video did two things…

1. It made all of us laugh nonstop and argue about the possibility of pulling off a handstand head shots.

2. It reminded me that no matter what we faced overseas we would always have good men and women supporting us back home.

I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve watched the video since it was originally posted but it never fails to makes me laugh. It also reminds me that sometimes it’s really not that serious.

NOTE: If you don’t understand the mouthwash reference go find the nearest First Sergeant and ask about smuggling “mouth wash” in country. They’ll be more than happy to explain.

If you’re interested in seeing more of Ricky’s shenanigans or staying up to date on  Vizual Candi productions  you can find them on Facebook and YouTube. You can also contact them at or by visiting

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Adam Wilson

Adam Wilson is a U.S. Army Sniper and senior NCO with multiple combat deployments, a background in reconnaissance and small unit operations. During his 18 years of military service he has held every MTOE slot in a Sniper section to include an assignment as the SEO/Sniper Section Leader for a forward deployed Infantry Battalion. He has utilized all currently issued U.S. Army Sniper weapons systems including the XM2010, M110 SASS, and M107. In addition to being a qualified Sniper he is a graduate of the Sniper Employment Leaders Course and the Army Marksmanship Unit’s Squad Designated Marksman and Rifle Instructor courses. Outside of the military he has obtained the NRA Pistol and Rifle Instructor certifications and served as a product consultant for several defense and firearms industry companies.

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