“First I have to say the level and detail of instruction was unreal. Adam not only had recommendations on how to improve but he also has the credentials to back up why it works. We didn’t get into the weeds as far as the philosophy of gun fighting; we focused on the primary goal of putting a threat on the ground. Reloads, movement drills, multiple target engagements, and working to balance speed and accuracy were joined together to make a realistic training scenario. We also worked on my optimizing my equipment load out. Adam was never condescending and challenged me to concentrate on what works, is fast, and let me get rounds on target even under the worst conditions.

I recommend, any deploying Military, or LE element take the time to seek out 1MOA Solutions, and get a class booked.

My only other recommendation is to the shooters. Bring lots and lots of ammo. If you have rounds Adam will continue pushing you until you run out. Keep an open mind, eyes, and ears, and you will walk away wondering why you didn’t book earlier.


-Major D. G.
U.S. Army”

“Going through the 3-day Sniper Course put on by 1MOA Solutions was a great experience.  It was definitely a Sniper course and not a Precision Rifle course.  We did not sit in one spot and try to stack rounds on top of each other.  The instructors made sure we could get into position and make our hits in short order and communicate as a spotter/shooter team.   We confirmed D.O.P.E. out to 1000 yards on Day One.  We moved into alternate shooting positions and unknown range estimation on the second day.  On the third day, we covered selecting an observation/shooting position and putting everything we learned the last few days together to find, range and engage multiple targets at various distances as a team. 

The instructors did a great job of keeping the course moving while making sure everyone understood the information.  The instructors were there to answer any question you had but were more geared towards helping you find the answer for yourself instead of just answering it for you.  Overall it was a great course and I would recommend it to anyone interested.  

Day 3 was the best day of the course where we got to put everything together.  It was a step above any other long range shooting course I have taken in the past.

Officer A. Pittman